Kirsty Thomson

Kirsty Thomson, QAFP

Wealth Advisor



Originally from Toronto, Kirsty earned her Bachelor of Art in Political Science from Western University. After graduation, she spent time exploring the world which broadened her horizons, interested her in different cultures and peoples, and gave her a lifelong passion for travel.

Kirsty is the principal financial advisor for Willow Wealth Management of Raymond James Ltd. She takes care of the day-to-day financial needs of her clients, and ensures that their individual values and goals are aligned with their investment strategies. Kirsty is a ‘people person’ and finds a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in working with and helping others. This made her a natural fit in the financial services industry.

Her personal philosophy is one of humility, a willingness to listen, compassion, and open communication based on honesty, trust, and transparency. Both Kirsty’s investment philosophy and her relationship with her clients are based on the same philosophy. In addition to offering exceptional service to her clients, she believes in building strong relationships with them, and she works passionately and tirelessly to help them achieve their financial goals. She finds great satisfaction in watching them become financially empowered and using this empowerment to help others around them.

Kirsty moved to Victoria in 2002 where she has been active in philanthropic endeavors. Kirsty currently sits on the board of Dance Victoria which helps fulfill her passion for giving back to her community and being a part of the Arts. In addition to other charitable activities, for four years in a row, she headed a very successful fundraiser called Cherish which benefited both Victoria Women’s Transition House and Dance Victoria.

Kirsty has enjoyed watching her three children grow into the amazing adults they have become. She loves family time, friends, fireside chats, reading, ballet, music, theatre, keeping fit and travel.

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